Industrial Application Cylinders include hydraulic cylinders generally operating in fixed /stationary Applications in Steel/Cement/Coal Handling/Fertiliser Plants , Sugar Mills etc.
We manufacture Plant Cylinders of varied specifications, for Steel as well as Cement Plants and Coal Handling Plants
Generally, these cylinders have a bore ranging from Dia 190mm to 600 mm, Rod size of Dia 110mm 400mm and stroke length of upto 1500 mm. the Plant cylinders fall in to a broad range as under:
1) Vertical Roller Mill Cylinders
2) Flat Cylinders
3)Crusher Cylinders
4) Stacker Cylinders

General Design Features & Material Construction

- Low-pressure cylinders up to 120 Bar working pressure could be in welded/tie rod construction design.
- Medium-pressure cylinders up to 200 Bar has welded rear covers and mountings with threaded glands.
- High-pressuremill duty cylinders with bolted gland rear cover to a flange, which is normally threaded on both ends of the tube.
- Special construction like hollow rod having both oil ports on the rod is possible.
- Cylinders for mobile/earthmoving application are manufactured 100% interchangeable with the actual OE supply.
- Varieties of special construction like cylinder on cylinder, double ended cylinders, twin cylinders, single as well as double acting telescopic cylinders are in oure regular range of manufacturing.

Special Features

We can manufacture and supply cylinders with special accessories welded/fitted inergrally on to the cylinder such fitment of
- Over center valves.
- Counter balance valves.
- Single/double pilot operated check valve.
- Pilot operated check valve/relief valve on both sides.
- Relief valve within the piston rod.
- Throttle cum check valve on cylinder body or within the piston rod to create dampening effect.
- Oil relieving valves to relieve pressurized oil to the tank of the stroke.
- Installation of piston of position monitoring devise such LVDT transducers or proximity switch either within the piston rod or on tube is available.
- Very special cylinders with water-cooling jacket on tube as well as on rod is available. High speed and high temperature cylinders specially designed with special seals.