Mile Stone

Received Repeat Rate Contract from Singareni Collieries Co. Ltd. for supply of Hydraulic Cylinders of Dumpers ( 35 T - 100T ) on Recon Basis .,

Received Annual Rate Contract for 2 years for supply as well as Reconditioning of Hydraulic Cylinders of all Projects of Hindustan Zinc Ltd. (Rajsthan ) including Cylinders of imported F/S and B/H Excavators of 6.5/12/34 Cu.Mtr. capapcity.

We are a regular source of supply of Cylinders of EX 1100 & EX 1200 Telcon Excavators to M/s. Tata Steel Ltd. -West Bokaro & Noamandi Mines.

Indigenous development & supply of VRM Cylinders for Sanghi Industries 24" x 11" x 13"stroke.